It’s the AC/DC tribute, “Hells Bells,” from Nashville, TN.

They sound like the real deal… Brian Johnson circa 1983, is really David Jaynes. Angus Young is played by Evan Christopher.

Sans the giant “Hell’s Bell” and the cannons usually blasting during “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)” – the predictable finale of any AC/DC show – the impersonators from Nashville put on a great show, including some retro hits not usually heard these days: “Flick Of The Switch” and “If You Want Blood, You Got It” to name a couple.

The biggest “twist” of this band is the young, spastically-energetic drummer, Zach Ballard, enhancing the classics with his speed metal bass drum licks.

Freezing weather kept many of the closet Angus fans home on this night, so for those who know every word to every song, the opportunity to stand just inches from a great tribute band like this comes not-so-very-often.

L – R: Steve Purcell – Malcolm, David Jaynes – Brian, Zach Ballard – Phil, Evan Christopher – Angus, Allen Denning – Cliff.

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