With over 25 years in broadcast television and fifteen years of marketing experience – coupled with the artistic eye needed for still photos, Tim brings a complete promotion package to the table.  Tim says, “It’s all about capturing the essence of the performer, of the show.  The feeling… the candid, ‘split-second’ expression of the subject in my photos.”  By capturing light and motion with his artistic eye, Tim presents a signature look that’s imitated, but not duplicated.

shutterTHAT! is really an umbrella that covers all the bases of entertainment marketing and promotion.  Still Photography, Videography, Web Design, PR and Promotion, all vital components to a promo kit that stands out.  And, it’s all fueled by an enthusiasm for music and entertainment.

IMG_7420b_1“Actually, it’s like it all comes full circle,” Tim says.  “When I started college, I studied Sound Engineering pretty intensively at the UMKC Conservatory of Music.  We brought in various bands and performers and would create demo tapes.  That was right before digital production came into the mainstream.”

Sure, this website focuses on, and proudly promotes, the flashy still photos from shows and concerts.  But we do so much more.

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Recent credits include: Premier Guitar magazine, Sync Weekly, Arkansas Vibe magazine.